Application Dates

For the first time this year, we have aligned our teacher site selection calendar with the hiring processes for other roles across our organization.  This was done deliberately to ensure that we are not moving individuals from schools to the central office in a way that is detrimental to our collective work.

See below for information about our application opening and closing dates.

PositionApplication Opening DateApplication Closing DatePosition Type
Academic Coach
1/13/202/17/20Central Office
Assistant Principal10/21/192/21/20School Leader
Assistant Superintendent12/16/192/28/20Central Office
Climate Manager12/9/191/16/20Central Office
Climate Liaison1/24/202/14/20Support & Operations
Climate Support Specialist2/18/203/10/20Support & Operations
Counselor11/25/195/4/20Teacher/School Counselor
Occupational Therapist3/2/204/21/20Support & Operations
PBIS Coach1/13/203/15/20Central Office
Physical Therapist3/2/204/21/20Support & Operations
Professional Learning Specialist1/20/202/21/20Central Office
Principal10/21/192/21/20School Leadership
School Nurse3/2/204/21/20Support & Operations
School Psychologist1/6/204/21/20Support & Operations
Secretary4/1/204/22/20Support & Operations
Special Education Advisor1/13/203/1/20Central Office
Teacher11/25/19N/ATeacher/School Counselor