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Required Hiring Documents

To be eligible to work for The School District of Philadelphia, you must complete the below clearances and paperwork prior to your start date. Please read the following information carefully as it will assist you in expediting the employment process.

Required Clearances for All Incoming SDP Employees

All incoming SDP Employees are responsible for completing the following:

  • Act 126 Certificate of Completion: Mandatory Reporter Training
  • PA Criminal History Check: Apply for your Criminal Record Check online at PATCH, using a credit or debit card for payment. Print your results and bring them with you to your new hire meeting.
  • Child Abuse Clearance: Apply online for your Child Abuse Clearance through the Child Welfare Portal. Results can take up to 14 days. Print your results and bring them with you to your new hire meeting.
  • FBI Fingerprint Clearance (new as of 11/29/17):  Pre-Enroll for your FBI Fingerprint Clearance on the Idemia website: Click on “Schedule or Manage an Appointment” and enter code 1KG6XN, which indicates that you are being fingerprinted for a job with the School District of Philadelphia.  After pre-enrolling, you must schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted at one of the IdentoGO sites:
    • For your appointment, make sure to bring necessary identification to confirm your identity and a form of payment. IdentoGO locations accept business check, money order, credit card, or authorization code (available only for candidates whose clearances are covered by SDP). The total cost of the clearance is $22.60, and there is a $1.00 processing fee for credit cards.
    • Please review this FAQ document for more information regarding fingerprinting.
  • Medical Form & TB Test:  The School District only accepts this form, and it must be completed by a physician. Your physical and TB test must be less than one year old, and your TB test can be no more than three months older than your physical. You can find the health form here.
  • For New Or Returning School District of Philadelphia employees only: Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure Release: Pursuant to Act 168 of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, all new employees (and previous employees whose last job wasn’t with The School District of Philadelphia) are required to provide information related to abuse or sexual misconduct. Review this form carefully.
  • You are required to complete one form for your current employer (or your most recent employer if you are not currently working), and you must complete additional forms for any previous positions involving contact with children
  • Complete section 1 of the form—including the required signature on page 2—for each employer. You may, as a result, have several forms to submit.
  • On the last page in the PDF, fill in the employer information for each completed release. You only need to return one of the employer information pages.
  • You are only eligible for employment if the District receives forms back from all of the employers you list and no record of misconduct is revealed. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to complete these forms now, in anticipation of potential employment, and return them to as soon as possible. It is the District’s responsibility to send out the forms to your current/former employer(s), and it is your responsibility to ensure that your current/former employer(s) reply within 20 business days.

*Employees who are pursuing jobs outside of this district and need SDP to fill out a Sexual Misconduct form, please fill out your portions of the form and fax to Employee Records at (215) 400-4781

Required New Hire Paperwork for All Incoming SDP Employees

Employees are responsible for obtaining and completing the following paperwork/forms and presenting them at the hiring appointment:

Required New Hire Paperwork for Instructional Staff Only

Teachers, principals and instructional support staff are responsible for all of the above clearances/paperwork/forms and:

  • Act 71: Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide training
  • Transcripts: You must submit official sealed transcripts documenting your degree(s).
  •  Professional Certificate: Instructional staff must have their original professional certificate.
  •  PA Instructional Certification
  • Copy of Resume
  • Original, Signed Offer Letter
  • Masters Transcript/Updated salary quote including Masters salary (if applicable) 1
  • Salary Credit (if applicable )2
  • Assignment Slip (distributed in hiring appointment)
  • Teacher Contract (distributed in hiring appointment)
  • Routing Slip (distributed in hiring appointment)
  • Prior Experience Forms (distributed in hiring appointment)
  • New Employee Acknowledgement (distributed in hiring appointment)

1  If you have a master’s degree, masters plus thirty additional credits or a doctorate degree, you may receive salary credit. Official sealed transcripts are required for proof of advanced credits and degrees. Credit for advanced degrees and credits will be paid upon presentation of sealed official transcripts.

2  You may receive salary credit by verification of prior teaching experience. Please bring complete information so that your prior teaching experience can be verified, including the address, phone number, fax number and email addresses of all previous employers. We cannot provide a final salary until we get back verification of prior experience, which we will have you complete when you come in for on-boarding. 

Additional Documents

All teachers, counselors, librarians, and school-based staff are responsible for reviewing and/or completing the following paperwork, if applicable:

All extra-curricular coaches must acquire (please speak to your athletic director):

  • Proof of Sports Safety Certification
  • Proof of CPR and First Aid Certification

If you have military service experience, please bring your DD-214 form to your meeting.

Last modified: March 16, 2018