School Leadership


The Principal and Assistant Principal applications are now open!

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting Principal and Assistant Principal applications for the 2023-2024 School Year.  Candidates are encouraged to apply to our Talent Pool for evaluation and selection.  Successful candidates will be added to an eligibility list.  Please note that only eligible candidates can be hired into vacancies. 

To join our mailing list, complete the interest form linked here.  We’ll reach out with application updates and information throughout the hiring season.

Why Lead at the School District of Philadelphia?

1.  Work toward a purpose-driven mission

The School District of Philadelphia is committed to transforming the education opportunities it offers the city’s 200,000 school-aged children. The District seeks Principals and Assistant Principals who have a passion for working with children and leading innovation to ensure all students receive an excellent public school education, graduating from high school ready to succeed as fully engaged citizens of our world.

2.  Create a lasting impact

Successful District Principals and Assistant Principals are highly motivated, persistent and creative educators who are able to align a school’s resources, systems and people around a rigorous instructional program. A school leadership position in the District provides the chance to be an integral part of an urban education renewal effort from its inception.

3.  Focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are key to the District’s anti-racist vision.  School Leaders will help cultivate prosperity and liberation for students and staff, starting with historically marginalized populations, by removing barriers, increasing access and inclusion, building trusting relationships, and creating a shared culture of social responsibility and organizational accountability.

4.  Opportunity for professional growth

For forward-thinking administrators and educators, opportunities abound in The School District of Philadelphia. We offer premier special-admission schools and acceleration schools; small, neighborhood elementary schools; and large high schools.  With a diverse complement of over 200 schools, the District offers a wide range of school leadership opportunities.

5.  Competitive salary and benefits

As part of the Commonwealth Association of School Administrators (CASA), these union-represented roles have excellent benefits, pension plan, leave time, and competitive salaries, with Assistant Principal salaries starting at $95,844, and Principal salaries starting at $141,663.  Under the CASA contract School Leaders salaries have guaranteed raises annually, rewarding longevity in the role.  You view in the salary scales and yearly increases linked here.

Will you join us?

School Leader Selection and Key Dates

Key Principal selection dates

  • February 9, 2023 – Principal Selection Day
  • March 9, 2023 – Principal Selection Day
  • May 4, 2023 – Principal Selection Day
  • May 25, 2023 – Principal Selection Day

Assistant Principal Selection Dates Coming Soon!

What to expect as a candidate

We believe that strong school leaders are critical to helping us fulfill our ambitious mission to redefine the public school experience for every child in the city. So it’s no surprise that we take school leader selection seriously.

Our selection process includes multiple steps.  Each candidate evaluation point is led by current and former school leaders.  After completing an application, successful candidates participate in an in-person selection day.  We determine our eligibility list after selection day, which is shared with the decision-makers at a school level for additional interviews.  Candidate will receive final placement and an offer letter after completing all steps in the process.  You can view that process below: