School Leadership Overview


The School District of Philadelphia is committed to transforming the education opportunities it offers the city’s 200,000 school-aged children. The district seeks school leaders who have a passion for working with children and leading innovation to ensure all students achieve. With a diverse complement of over 200 schools, the district offers a wide range of school leadership opportunities. Successful District principals and assistant principals are highly motivated, persistent and creative educators who are able to align a school’s resources, systems and people around a rigorous instructional program. A school leadership position in the district provides the chance to be an integral part of an urban education renewal effort from its inception. Will you join us?

Why Choose Philly?

  • Culturally Rich: Philadelphia is home to world-renowned museums, historical landmarks, awesome venues, and gorgeous gardens
  • Family Friendly: Families discover the magic of each season with Philadelphia’s extensive list of family-friendly events, performances, and attractions
  • Outdoor Oasis: Philadelphia boasts year-round beauty, incredible public gardens, and 4100 acres of scenic bike trails, waterfront, and woodlands
  • Extraordinary Dining: More than a decade of development has transformed Philadelphia’s dining scene, and it continues to emerge as one of the country’s finest culinary destinations
  • Proximity: In addition to all that Philadelphia has to offer, it’s centrally located, so it is easy to hop on a train, catch the bus, or drive to New York City, Baltimore, and Washington D.C.