School Leadership Openings & FAQs

For forward-thinking administrators and educators, opportunities abound in The School District of Philadelphia. We offer premier special-admission schools and acceleration schools; small, neighborhood elementary schools; and large high schools.

The School District of Philadelphia offers a vast range of leadership opportunities for progressive administrators who seek to join us in this effort.

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Visit our School Leader Selection page for details and timelines regarding our school leader hiring process and School Leadership Overview page for general information.

Principal and Assistant Principal Openings

You can view our current School Leader Talent Pool vacancies by clicking below.

NOTE: To apply to our Principal and/or Assistant Principal vacancies, you will need to be eligible in our Principal or Assistant Principal Talent Pool. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I am a School District of Philadelphia employee, do I have to go through the school leadership application process?

A: Yes, all candidates must go through the application process. New applicants who are currently Assistant Principals with the School District of Philadelphia are exempt from the phone interview stage, but must successfully complete all other stages of the application process before being made eligible in the Principal Talent pool.

Q: I applied during SY20-21 and was told I would begin the process at the stage I ended at. Do I need to do anything to be considered for the Principal/Assistant Principal Talent pool this year?

A: Yes, if you are still interested in serving as a school leader, you will need to submit an application to express your interest. If you are a previous applicant, directions for how to indicate you applied to the SY20-21 school leadership talent pool(s) will be stated in the writing prompt section of application.

Q: What happens if I started my application but did not finish it before the application window closed?

A: If you began your application, but did not complete and submit your materials before the application window closed, we will not review your materials at that time. Instead, when the next application window opens, you will have an opportunity to complete and submit your materials for that application window. If you do not submit your completed application by the final application window, your submissions will be marked as incomplete and we will be unable to review it.  NOTE: If you are applying to the Assistant Principal Talent Pool for SY21-22 you must complete and submit your application materials by February 1st as there is only one application window for the Assistant Principal Talent Pool this year. 

Q: Why am I asked to have a Gmail account to apply to the school leadership talent pool(s)?

A: It is recommended that you utilize or create a GMAIL account as many of the stages beyond the application stage will involve viewing and accessing Google documents/forms. Having a GMAIL account will ensure you are able to view/receive important information without delay or complication. If you do not wish to create an additional email address, it is recommended that you set up a Google account utilizing your preferred email address.

Q: How long does it take to become eligible for school leadership opportunities?

A: From the application process through Selection Day can range anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks for both the Principal Talent Pool and the Assistant Principal Talent Pool.

Q: Once I am in the Principal or Assistant Principal talent pool, can I apply to any school leadership opening?

A: Yes, once you are made eligible in the Principal and/or Assistant Principal talent pool, you will be able to apply directly to school-based leadership vacancies here. Only candidates in the talent pool are eligible to apply directly to specific school leadership vacancies these roles.

Q: If I am not selected to move forward in the application process, will I be notified?

A: Yes, candidates will receive an email notifying them of their current status within the selection process even if you do not move forward. In general you can expect to receive an update about your application status via email one week after the application window in which you applied has closed (See Key Application Dates). We recommend that you check your spam/junk inbox  to ensure you have not missed a communication from our team.

Q: Is there a deadline for each stage in the selection process?

A: Each application window has a deadline date to apply and in general it takes 6-8 weeks from the initial application through Selection day before a candidate is made eligible in the talent pool. Stages that involve submitting material to our team, such as the Performance Task stage, have a (5) day response time (from the time stamped date of receipt) to return materials to our team.

Q: Can I apply for both Principal and Assistant Principal Talent Pool?

A: Yes! You are able to apply to both the Principal and Assistant Principal Talent Pool. If you intend to apply to both the Principal and Assistant Principal talent pool, it is recommended that you apply during the early application window to the Principal Talent Pool first. This way, we will prioritize the Principal application and if you do not qualify for the Principal talent pool, you can pick up in the equivalent stage in the Assistant Principal application process. For example, if you do not move past the Principal phone interview, you can start the Assistant Principal process at the phone interview stage.

Q: Can I apply to the Principal/Assistant Principal Talent Pool more than once during an application season (meaning can I apply during the Early, Priority and Standard application windows)?

A: No. Only one application per talent pool is reviewed during an application season, meaning applicants submitting an application during multiple application windows (early, priority and/or standard) would not be reviewed all three times.  Applicant materials will only be reviewed during the first application window in which they apply.

Q: I applied during the early application window two weeks ago. When will I hear back about whether I’m moving forward to the next stage?

A: The three application windows allow for streamlined application process for candidates. In general you can expect to receive an update about your next steps via email one week after the application window in which you applied to, has closed (See Key Application Dates). We recommend that you check your spam/junk inbox to ensure you have not missed a communication from our team.

Q: I received an email stating that my eligibility in the Principal and/or Assistant Principal Talent Pool has ended as of September 6, 2019. Do I still need to apply to remain eligible?

A: Yes. Given many of our school leaders are constantly seeking to improve their skills, reapplying gives you an opportunity to update your information to include professional development or training that you participated in that would further strengthen your skills as a school leader. The application process for those who received notice about their talent pool eligibility ending should refer back to the email they received for details about the application process.

Q: Why can’t I download or print any of the Google documents that were shared with me?

A: In order to maintain the integrity of the school leadership selection process, documents shared with candidates are protected. Requests to download, print or copy these materials will not be granted. Also access to these documents will only be granted to the email address we have on file for you.

Q: I’m currently an Assistant Principal, do I need to apply to the Assistant Principal Talent Pool to apply to a different Assistant Principal role? 

A: If you are currently an Assistant Principal you do not need to apply to the Assistant Principal Talent Pool in order to be considered for Assistant Principal vacancies at other schools.

Q: Once I am placed into the Talent Pool, how long am I eligible to apply for vacancies?

A: Candidates are eligible to apply for vacancies for two consecutive hiring seasons. If the candidate does not secure school leadership employment after two hiring seasons, he/she will have to reapply to the talent pool.

Q: If I do not obtain my Admin certification in time for Selection Day, can I still be added to the talent pool?

A: Yes, you do not have to have the Principal certification finalized to be in our talent pool; however, you must obtain certification by your start date as a school leader. See below for more information on obtaining your PA Admin certification:

Q: Is there a limit on how many people can be placed in the Talent Pool?

A: No, there is no limit to how many people can be placed into the talent pool.