Professional, Operations & Other Support Roles

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If you share a passion for children and want to support their development inside or outside of the classroom, you have come to the right place!

We are always seeking committed, loyal individuals for a wide range of roles, from providing nutritious meals to assisting classroom lessons to transporting students to school.

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Position Title Description of PositionBenefits OfferedPart/Full TimeStarting Salary
Bus Attendant   Monitor student activity on the bus to and from school. Maintain order, ensure safety, render assistance as needed. May be required to provide assistance in certain classrooms

Requirements: High School Diploma
Medical, dental, vision, pharmacy  benefits through union

Paid time off Retirement 

$16.31 hourly
Bus Driver Provide transportation to students and staff on regularly scheduled routes to and from school sites during the school day and after school hours,. 

Requirements: High School Diploma, Class “A” or “B” CDL License (we pay for training class!), 21 years of age
Medical, dental, vision, pharmacy  benefits through union

Paid time off Retirement 
Part-Time and Full-Time

$21.47 hourly
Special Education AssistantAssists Special education classroom teachers in the implementation of instructional activities in school and community settings and in individual, small and large group instruction. Provides one to one academic and physical support for students with disabilities.

Requirements: High School Diploma
District Medical PFT health/welfare benefits: 

Paid time off Retirement 

(10 months/year)
$15.49 hourly
Student Climate Staff    Monitor and supervise students and their activities outside the classroom including hallways, cafeterias, and school grounds. Maintain order and report or remove students whose behavior is unsafe or disruptive.

Requirements: High School Diploma
Full Benefits for 5+ hours/day positions only!

Paid time off Retirement 
Part-Time (3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 hours per day, 10 months/year)$14.41 per hour
during probation
$15.50 per hour after
probation (probation 90 days)
Supportive Service Assistant      Assists teaching and non-teaching staff in schools. Participates in a cooperative effort to support basic skills achievement of students by providing instructional assistance in the classroom.

Requirements: High School Diploma
PFT health/welfare benefits: 

Paid time off Retirement 

(3 or 4 hours per day, 10 months/year)
$15.49 per hour
Position Title Description of PositionPart/Full TimeStarting Salary
General CleanerPerforms general housekeeping tasks in the cleaning and maintaining of offices, classrooms, cafeterias, auditoriums, shops, multipurpose rooms, lavatories and laboratories, as well as the schoolyard and walkways. Reports all health/life and safety related maintenance concerns, including leaking and non-operating fixtures to their immediate supervisorFull-Time$32,260 annually
Food Services AssistantEssential Functions: Assemble sandwiches, prepare salads and desserts, clean service areas, and occasional cashiering.

Requirements: High School Diploma; no experience required.
Part-Time (4 - 6 hours per day, 10 months/year)Salary $14.41 per
hour during
Salary 15.50/hr after
probation ends (probation 90 days)
Food Service Utility WorkerPerforms routine heavy manual labor which involves lifting and carrying heavy crates, collecting and removing trash, assisting on a service line, and heavy cleaning tasks. Receives deliveries of food and supplies; participates in food and supplies inventory. Operates complaint Point of Service and Point of Service computer terminal and/or roster.

Requirements: High School Diploma; 1 year of paid food service experience.Essential Functions: Routine heavy manual labor including lifting crates, collecting and removing trash, and assisting with the service line.
Part-time with full-time options; 10 months/yearSalary: $16.92/hr
Food Service Worker IIPrepares, assembles, and portions food for children and adults in cafeteria. Counts the number of items prepared and sold; enters figures in a log; operates a compliant POS Computer System and Terminal. Washes pots, pans, trays and other utensils; cleans preparation and/or service areas(5-6 hours/day)$15.97/hour after probation
Lead Food Service WorkerOrders, receives, stores, reconstitutes and distributes pre-packaged, prepared lunches at a school location, and may supervise a small crew of Food Service Aides engaged in the unpacking, heating and serving of these meals. Reviews student applications for meal categories; accounts for lunch tickets purchased and used; accounts of the number of meals served and the monies collected, and prepares a weekly operations report(6.5-7 hours/day)$16.38/hour after probation
Food Service Worker IIISupervises a crew of food services workers; determines work assignments, work methods and production goals; reviews work in progress. Prepares and cooks the daily breakfast, lunch and after school meals following prescribed menus and standardized recipes. Orders food, produce and supplies using automated ordering system; records market quotations and other ordering information as required; receives deliveries and checks the accuracy of delivery slips; maintains records of deliveries and prepares a weekly invoice record of orders received; takes a monthly inventory of food and supplies on hand and maintains a perpetual inventory systemFull-Time$17.79/hour after probation


Can I apply to more than one position at any given time at the School District of Philadelphia?

  • Our applicant tracking system will allow for an application for any open role. Our Recruitment process does require that you select one role of interest to start the next steps in the hiring process.

What is the next step in the process once I have submitted my application online?

  • Upon completion of the online application a Recruitment Team member will follow-up via email with your next steps in the hiring process. Candidates must meet the minimum requirements and be eligible for employment with the district to receive next steps .

How long does the hiring process generally take?

  • Depending on position the average processing timeline is anywhere between 3-4 weeks. If a candidate has background checks and a current physical/tb test the process may take less than one week.

If I have clearances from my previous/current employer, will they be accepted by the School District?

  • Employee Records will accept clearances from previous employers that are within one year. All clearances must be submitted to employee records for review.

How long after working in my position, can I change into a new position?

  • Employees have the right to apply for a new position upon completion of probation in the current role. Current employees must have no pending disciplinary action or anecdotal record on file and have not been subject to any disciplinary action within the past eighteen (18) months. In addition, the employee must have an excellent record of attendance and punctuality during the last three (3) years (defined as no more than eighteen (18) occasions of lateness or absence for personal illness within this period of time with the exception of one extended long-term absence. 

Can I transfer/switch to a new school or am I obligated to stay within the same school for the whole year?

  • Current employees may submit voluntary transfer requests if they have met the timeframe determined in the Union Contract for their role. For more information please speak to a member of our Recruitment and Selection Team.

What happens if I miss one of my processing appointments, how do I reschedule?

  • If an appointment for processing is missed, candidates should email/call the recruitment team member who initially scheduled the appointment. If the candidate is unable to reach the recruitment team member please email f or immediate support.

I am a previous employee of the school district and I wish to return to my previous position?

  • Previous employees may submit a restoration to service request. Requests for restorations to service must be made within two years of the date of the separation from service, and the applicant must have had 2 school years or more of consecutive service in a position represented by a collective bargaining unit. Your request must be approved by the Office of Talent prior to being able to be considered for re-employment by our school district. Please be advised that an employment application must be completed before Restoration to Service requests are reviewed

Will I be assigned a school or can I choose my school placement?

  • Many of our school based support roles allow candidates to select their school placement. The Recruitment and Selection team is focused on ensuring all schools have adequate staff coverage and placements may be assigned to ensure staffing ratios are met.