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Creativity, innovation, and an intrinsic desire to improve the academic outcomes for all students are the heart of our approach to education. Our student body comes from a vast range of cultural, socioeconomic, and family backgrounds and we’re so thrilled you’re considering teaching or counseling in Philadelphia.

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Use our Teacher Application Guide to help you successfully apply in our application system. If you’re still experiencing technical issues in submitting an application, please email jobs@philasd.org.

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Teacher Application Process

Specialty Teaching Opportunities

Check out additional information about the following Specialty Teaching roles on our Specialty Teaching website:

  • Reading Specialist
  • Teacher of the Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired, or Speech Impaired
  • Career and Technical Education (CTE) Teachers
  • Demonstration Teachers

2020-21 Counselor Application Updates

Both the School Counselor Talent Pool and the Behavioral Health Counselor Talent Pool are now closed for applications. All applications will be reviewed by the close of business Friday, May 8th and candidates meeting screening criteria will be invited to be interviewed by the Office of Prevention and Intervention.

If candidates pass the interview process, they will be entered into the talent pool and can apply and interview for school specific positions. Individuals in the talent pool are not guaranteed a position.

Compensation and Benefits 

Teachers and Counselors are compensated with a 10 month salary, paid over 12 months. The salary for teachers is competitive and ranges from a minimum starting salary of $46,267 up to a maximum starting salary of $84,591. Salary credit is provided to teachers with two years or more of verified teaching experience. Click here for more information on our salary scale.

We offer a comprehensive benefits package for Teachers and School Counselors that includes medical, dental and vision coverage along with wage continuation and life insurance. Benefits are administered through the School District and the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT).

Questions about certification? 

If you have questions about the certification you need for a position, or if you are enrolled in a certification program and would need an emergency permit for a position, check out our Certification page.

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Do you know any experienced or aspiring teachers or school counselors that should work for the School District of Philadelphia? If so, please refer him or her here!

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