Site Selection

Mark your calendars!  Site Selection opens District-wide March 31, 2023!

What does this mean?
As of March 31st, all schools will be hiring teachers and counselors for the 2023-2024 school year.

How do I participate in Site Selection?
For external candidates, and current SDP employees who are not teachers/counselors: First, submit an application to find out if you are eligible to become a teacher/counselor in our District!  External candidates and/or current employees looking to reclassify into a teacher/counselor role can submit an application for eligibility HERE.  If you are eligible, you will be notified via email by an Instructional Recruiter.  Once you are made eligible, you will be able to apply to schools directly in your respective subject area via Taleo.

Current teachers/counselors participate in Site Selection based on the guidelines outlined in the PFT contract.

Site Selection Resources

Every individual seeking to become a teacher/counselor in our District will participate in Site Selection to secure their school placement.  In order to participate in Site Selection, you must be designated “eligible” by our Instructional Recruitment team.  If you have not yet been made eligible to participate in Site Selection, follow this link to submit your application today!

Schools outside of the Acceleration Network should site select eligible candidates using this SITE SELECTION FORM.  For Acceleration Network schools, this Acceleration Network Acceptance form must be included in conjunction with the site selection form.

Request for Retention
Teachers/counselors on “special assignment” that wish to remain at their school in their role for the upcoming academic year may request to be retained.  Teacher Residents may also request to be retained at their school to become a teacher of record for the upcoming academic year.  In order for a retention request to be considered valid, it must be signed by both the employee and principal, and the principal must submit the retention request to their Talent Partner the day before Site Selection opens for their school.

Request for Retention form linked here!

Site Selection
Teachers/counselors who have two or more years of location seniority can voluntarily participate in Site Selection.  Teachers/counselors on “special assignment” who are not retained will participate in Site Selection as a forced transfer.

Schools outside of the Acceleration Learning Network should use this SITE SELECTION FORM for hires.
Acceleration Network schools should use this SITE SELECTION FORM.