Site Selection Homepage

Welcome to the Site Selection Overview page!

This webpage is designed for external teacher and school counselor applicants who have applied to the Teacher Talent Pool or School Counselor Talent Pool and are eligible to participate in Site Selection.

Site Selection is the process where eligible teacher and counselor candidates apply to open positions in their content area(s) via the district’s intranet portal, interview and receive offers for roles.

Candidates must be eligible before they can participate in site selection, meaning they have applied to the Teacher or Counselor Talent Pool and have been vetted.


Please use the links to the right to navigate through the most important Site Selection information.

Site Selection Timeline 

  1. Candidate applies to SDP via the Teacher Talent Pool or School Counselor Talent Pool. [30 minutes]
  2.  While candidates wait to hear back, they sign up to attend Hiring Events to meet school principals  and review the Online Job Board to find openings in their content area(s).
  3.  Recruitment Team reviews applications on a rolling basis and within~ one week sends eligibility notification. Note: Some positions require additional interviews and screening.
  4. 72 hours after receiving an eligibility notice, candidates log into the District’s Site Selection Portal using their Social Security Number (SSN) and Last Name and apply to the openings listed on the Online Job Board.
  5. School leaders directly contact candidates to schedule interviews.
  6. Candidates interview for one or more open roles in their area(s) of interest. If a school wishes to hire candidate, Principal will send a Site Selection Form to candidate offering them a position.
  7. Candidate signs Site Selection Form and returns to school leader. [ongoing, candidate should respond within 48 hours of receiving Site Selection Form]
  8. Candidate receives an official offer letter from their recruiter with a salary quote (based on experience as outlined on our Salary Page). [within 48 hours of returning Site Selection Form to school]
  9. Candidate signs and returns offer letter within three business days.
  10. New hire completes New Hire Checklist and attends a hiring session no later than July 25, 2019. Hiring paperwork takes approximately three (3) weeks to complete.
  11. New Hire attends New Teacher Orientation from August 5-9, 2019 at the Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush.
  12. New Hire starts school on August 26, 2019! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Site Selection Portal

I am trying to log in to the Site Selection Portal and my log in information is not working. Why can’t I log in?  There are several reasons why you may not be able to log in at this time. The most common reasons are A) it hasn’t been 72 hours since you received eligibility notification or B) your social security number or last name was entered incorrectly on your application. Double check those first and email your recruiter if you are still having trouble.

I’m a current employee in a non-teacher role, log in to the Site Selection app, but I can’t see any roles! To see positions, you will have to have a certification on file. To add your certifications to your HR profile, you will need to email with a copy of your certification, which will be added so you can apply.

I logged into the Site Selection Portal but my certifications aren’t listed correctly. We uploaded whatever instructional certifications you listed in your application, either ones that you already possessed or that you were in the process of completing. If this list is wrong, please log back into your application, update the Certification section, and email your recruiter when complete. The certifications listed for you in the Site Selection Portal will be updated within 72 hours.

Help! One of the schools I applied to no longer shows up in my School Selections. If a school you applied to no longer shows up in your school selections, it is because the position has been filled.

Internal Transfers

I’m a current District teacher looking to transfer. How do I apply to positions? You need to access the Site Selection application through your employee login, not using the Site Selection Portal. To access, Navigate to your Employee Login and find the Site Selection App and click to enter.


I am trying to get in touch with the right person to answer my site selection questions; who do I ask? Great question! If you are an external candidate, your recruiter is your go-to person to help you navigate the site selection process;

Briana Lupica – Elementary K-6, Reading Specialist positions:

Emily Weaver – Social Studies, English, ESL, World Languages:

Barry Zucker – Science, Math:

Nikia Sterling- Special Education:

Anthony Reynolds – Art, Music, Health & Physical Education, Vocational – CTE, School Counselors K-12

Current transferring employees should contact their Talent Specialist, which they can find in the Internal Transfer FAQ document.

How else do I get in contact with a school if I’m interested in applying? The best way to meet schools with openings in your content area is to attend a district Hiring Event, where you’ll meet school staff and can sign up for interviews. We encourage you to contact a school directly if you have applied but haven’t heard back from the school in over two weeks about your application.

Online Job Board

I see a job on the Online Job Board that I’m interested in applying to, but I don’t see it in the The Site Selection Portal to apply to. Why not? You can only see jobs in the Site Selection Portal that you hold (or will hold) certifications in; if you cannot apply to a job in the Site Selection Portal, it is most likely because you do not hold the certification to apply to the position. If you do hold a certification for the position, then the position may have just been filled and not yet updated on the Online Job Board.

**The only caveat to this is partial positions (those with a “0.5” or “0.4” next to them indicating you only spend certain days/week at the school). Individuals cannot interview or be hired for partial positions until July.**

How often is the Online Job Board updated? The Online Job Board is updated with current openings every work day at 5:00pm (not including weekends).

Site Selection Form

Is the site selection form binding? Yes! If you sign and return a site selection form to a school team, that is a binding agreement that you will accept an offer at that school. Your official offer with a salary quote will be sent to you within a few days of accepting the role.