Site Selection Homepage

Welcome to the Site Selection Overview page!

This webpage is designed for external teacher and school counselor applicants who have applied to a Teacher Talent Pool or Counselor Talent Pool and have been notified they passed the screening stage and are eligible to apply to open teacher and counselor roles for the upcoming school year.

“Site Selection” is the School District of Philadelphia’s process whereby eligible teacher and counselor candidates apply to open positions in their content area(s) via the district’s intranet portal, interview and receive offers for roles.

Please use the links to the right to navigate through the most important Site Selection information.


If any teacher has a question regarding their application, please contact and a member of the Talent Team will respond.

Site Selection for the 2022-2023 school year opens District-wide on Tuesday, April 5, 2022!

Schools outside of the Acceleration Network should use this SITE SELECTION FORM for hires.
Acceleration Network schools should use this SITE SELECTION FORM to confirm their hires.

What Should I Expect? Site Selection Timeline 

  1. You apply to teach at the School District of Philadelphia via a Teacher or Counselor Talent Pool
  2.  Recruiters review applications on a rolling basis and within~ one week send an eligibility notification to you. Note: Some positions require additional interviews and screening.
  3. Review the Job Board to find openings in your content area(s). Use the Schools Map to learn more about school locations, view website and social media information, and find contact information for schools.
  4. When you have identified a position you want apply to, log into the Job Board and apply to school openings listed in your content area(s).
  5. School leaders directly contact you to schedule virtual interviews and/or virtual demonstration lessons.
  6. When a school wants to hire you, the Principal will send you a Site Selection Form to sign. This is a formal commitment to the school for the 21-22 school year.
  7. You sign and return the Site Selection Form via email to the Principal.
  8. Roughly 48 hours after you turn in the form, you will receive an official offer letter from their recruiter with a salary quote (based on experience as outlined on our Salary Page).
  9. You sign and return your offer letter within five business days. You’re hired!
  10.  You complete and upload your new hire paperwork, after which time you’ll sign up for benefits. Hiring paperwork takes approximately three (3) weeks to complete.
  11. You attend New Hire Orientation (August 8-12, 2022) and then begin work (August 22, 2022 for PD).

Frequently Asked Questions 

Internal Transfers

I’m a current District teacher looking to transfer. How do I apply to positions?  Current District teachers/counselors who are eligible to voluntarily transfer for the upcoming academic year can apply for individual openings via Taleo in their Employee Portal.  Site Selection for voluntary transfers ends on May 27, 2022.  They can also submit a Voluntary Transfer Request via the Employee Transfer Request Application in their Employee Portal between February 1-May 2, 2022.


I am trying to get in touch with the right person to answer my site selection questions; who do I ask?  Great question! If you are an external candidate, your recruiter is your go-to person to help you navigate the site selection process.  We’ll be updating that information soon, as new assignments are confirmed.

How else do I get in contact with a school if I’m interested in applying?  The best way to meet schools with openings in your content area is to apply for open positions on the Eligible Teacher Job Board (for external candidates) or the Internal Taleo Job Board (for internal employees).  We strongly encourage candidates to also attend district Hiring Event or review the Schools Directory to find school contact information.

Site Selection Form

Is the site selection form binding?  Yes!  If you sign and return a site selection form to a school team, that is a binding agreement that you will accept an offer at that school.  Your official offer with a salary quote will be sent to you within a few days of accepting the role.  You should not sign more than one site selection form.