Student Teacher Placement

We are thrilled to host you in the School District of Philadelphia (SDP) for your student teaching field experience. Our school district is the largest in the state of Pennsylvania, with more than 113,000 students attending one of 200+ district schools across the city. We believe the size and diversity of our district creates a unique training opportunity for teachers in training.

Whether you are a current SDP employee or full-time student, we hope that your training experience not only prepares you to be a lifelong culturally responsive educator but also fosters a deep passion for Philadelphia students.

Learn about the District’s Student Teacher Placement process!

Student Teacher Placement Partnership Process & Approved Placement Partners

Teacher Training Competencies

The Office of Talent has collaboratively engaged District Leaders, Mentor Teachers and Educator Training Program Partners in efforts to understand, identify, and enact key levers to support effective student teacher training experiences. Use the links below to access resources to support more effective teacher training experiences.

  • Mentor Teacher Competencies: Identifies the attributes and characteristics that mentor teachers should seek to develop and which best support an effective training experience for student teachers
  • Student Teacher Competencies: Student Teachers should work collaboratively with program administrators and their mentor teacher on training experiences that support their understanding and ability to exhibit these skills to more effectively transition into their own classroom post-graduation
  • Teacher Training Host Site Characteristics: A set of guiding principles, best practices and key actions for District School Leaders to successfully host student teachers within their building