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Our more than 200 schools offer a wide range of employment opportunities for leaders who are deeply committed to equity and are excited to join us in our effort to make all of our schools great. Review this website to learn more and apply for the numerous job opportunities within the School District of Philadelphia.

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The 130,000 students entrusted to The School District of Philadelphia arrive at our schools every day with an extraordinary range of needs. To best serve our school communities, the Office of Talent is dedicated to attracting, developing and retaining high-quality talent who work collectively to ensure an equitable education for all students in Philadelphia.

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Why The School District Of Philadelphia

Every Child Has A Right To An Outstanding Education

It is their right to learn from adults who care about them, understand them, engage with them, and are deeply expert in what they teach and how to teach it.

We’re committed to making our schools great again. We work hard to achieve this goal because as educators and administrators, we have an incredibly important job; we’re entrusted with nothing less than shaping the future and our students, their families, and the community deserve our very best.

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