Prior experience will be awarded to PA Certified teachers with two years or more of approved teaching experience for all years minus one, with a maximum placement of step 10 on the Teacher Salary Scale. Prior experience must meet the following provisions:

  • All prior teaching experience must be verified before salary credit is given.
  • Prior experience requests must be submitted at the time of hiring and will be credited after verification.
  • Credit will be awarded only for full school years. Partial years cannot be combined.
  • Time as a student teacher, teacher’s aide, part-time teacher, substitute or similar positions cannot be awarded.
  • Teaching service can be at any level of education, including day care, school age or college-level instruction. In each case, the candidate must have been a full-time teacher.
  • Official transcripts for master’s degrees, master’s plus 30 additional credits and doctorate degrees in education must be provided at the time of hiring in order to receive salary credit.
  • Prior experience may be awarded to counselors, librarians and nurses after a review of work sought to be credited using the same criteria as is used for teachers.