Specialty Teaching Opportunities

Dual Language Program Bilingual Educator

Do you speak both Spanish and English and want to bring your knowledge and love of both languages into the classroom? We are actively seeking bilingual educators for our Dual Language Programs at six schools across the District- Cayuga Elementary, McClure Elementary, Taylor Elementary, Southwark Elementary, Munoz Marin Elementary, and Elkin Elementary.

Apply to the Teacher Talent Pool today and connect with our Bilingual Recruiter, Emily Weaver, by emailing eweaver@philasd.org. We’ll get you to connected to a school ASAP!

Reading Specialists

With the District’s investment in early literacy efforts to ensure all students are reading on grade level by age 8, Reading Specialists are more important than ever.

Reading Specialists are experts in reading and literacy instruction and support teachers and students in meeting the individual student needs. Specialists work collaboratively with District leadership, Principals and teachers to identify and implement effective strategies for student achievement.

If you’re interested in working with students and supporting & coaching teachers on early literacy practices, you can apply to the Teacher Talent Pool, SY 2019-2020 to be considered for this Reading Specialist role.

Reading Specialists are paid on the Teacher Salary Scale.

Speech Language Pathology, Vision, and Hearing Impaired Teachers

Are you a Teacher of the Vision or Hearing Impaired or a Speech Language Pathologist?  We are accepting applications for the 2019-20 school year! Teacher of the Speech, Vision, or Hearing Impaired provides comprehensive educational, diagnostic, and therapeutic services to students with speech, language, vision, or hearing defects.

Candidates should apply to the Teacher Talent Pool. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and qualified candidates are invited to interview with the Office of Specialized Services before being hired.

Speech, Vision, and Hearing Teachers are paid on the Teacher Salary Scale just like other teachers.

Demonstration Teacher

Demonstration Teachers are unique educators. They utilize the most current educational techniques and instructional media, which contribute to effective teaching practices in their specific teaching areas. They are observed at times by personnel from within the School District of Philadelphia as well as visitors from other areas and institutions, both national and international.

There are two Demonstration Schools: The John Hancock Demonstration Elementary School/Middle School – General J. Harry LaBrum Campus, and the Julia R. Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration

There is a four (4) step process to become a Demonstration Teacher: Application, Oral Examination, Teacher Observation/Lesson, School-Based Selection Interview.

Demonstration Teachers are paid on a special Teacher Salary Scale.

All Demonstration Teacher positions for the 2019-20 school year are filled. Check back for updates.

Questions about any Specialty Teacher roles? Email jobs@philasd.org today!